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Oct 06, 2023

My son and I were fortunate enough to hunt with Giterdun Outfitters in Newfoundland. The owner, Ceceil Parsons was great to deal with and his motto of “leave with a smile on your face“ rang so true with our experience with him. He is very personable and passionate that you enjoy your stay while at one of his camps. Our camp was accessed by boat in area 11. Our guides Peter, Mathew and cook (Peter’s wife) Selena were second to none. Peter and Mathew have decades of experience between them and it definitely showed. With their new Argo we were able to get to areas that not many have hunted. The scenery to say the least was breath taking. Peter and Mathew were able to spot the bulls, come up with a game plan and put my son in a great position for a shot. Even though it may take a bit of time to stalk the animal he was never pressured to take it unless that was the bull he wanted. My son harvested a very nice 18 pt bull. Peter and Mathew quartered the bull with extreme care to insure no dirt and the least amount of hair possible would be left on the quarters. Upon arrival to the base camp the meat was cleaned again by removing any remaining hair and hung in meat bags to age. There are many horror stories of outfitters that do not care how the meat is field dressed after the hunt which of coarse will ruin the taste. This is not the case with Peter and Mathew. They cared for it like it was their own

Selena takes great pride in her cooking. We were able to experience some traditional Newfoundland food and it was great. We all spent our evenings together and so much enjoyed their stories and how living in Newfoundland is. I can’t express my gratitude to Ceceil, Kelly, Peter, Mathew and Salina for making this the best hunt ever and the lasting memories my son and I will have hunting with Giterdun Outfitters. I guess you can say we Goterdun. Thanks again all

Brian Moloney

Hollow Rock, TN



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